Hunter x Hunter

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Main Outfit: A maroon paper boy hat, a long-sleeved light blue turtleneck shirt, one extra-long ace bandage and closure, black slacks, and black boots.
Accessories: Hair spray and scythe (a lot of cardboard, foil, shish kabob sticks, tape, paint, and one wooden plank).

Kaitou was a sudden inspiration near the beginning of Fanime06, when my mother brought home a ginormous box. I've always loved his (manga) character, and his scythe just takes the prize. The actual costume was simple enough, but there were so many hours getting that weapon ready... I was up the night before completing the clown on the end of it. That scythe was over 9 feet tall, and it was a pain getting it in the car to get to the Con. Sadly, it was destroyed before I went home, but I had fun doing so.

Original debut/retirement: FanimeCon 2006 (Monday, May 29)

2/4/12 UPDATE: I have a dream. I'ma bring the scythe back. Look for it Fanime 2012.


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@Ari Sky
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Series Hunter x Hunter
Character Kaitou
Variant Roulette #2: Scythe


SilverYouko300 Seriously awesome! I never thought I'd see a Kaitou cosplayer, and you did it so well~ I love that you made the club and the scythe. ^__^