Erza Scarlet

Fairy Tail



Erza Scarlet, a force of nature. I like her xD Done to compliment Einobaka's Natsu and Mik0 muffin!'s Wendy.


White undershirt: check~

Blue bow: Will be made, np~

Pleated skirt: using left over Noel fabric, it was just your regular school girl pleated skirt. Done~

Black Boots: check~ (I tried them on recently, the boots were MADE for Erza xDDD)

Brown belt: will get easily and for cheap ;)

Black arm gloves: made a pair outta black cotton, with gel grips at the top to prevent sliding. Took me like 15 minutes to make, not even kidding xDDDD~

Wig: Being wefted at the moment. I essentially have it done, but i want more candy red in it so i might keep going xDDD

Contacts: in order :)

Armor will (thankfully) be made by the very skilled Einobaka, whose been craving to make this outfit (and in exchange I shall make his natsu)~


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Series Fairy Tail
Character Erza Scarlet
Variant Default Armor


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