Magic Armor Link

The Legend of Zelda



I'll be honest after Ohayocon I was so inspired by Zoroko's wonderful work on her Zora armor that I wanted to do an elaborate Link costume as well. Since there arent that many Magic Armor's out there yet I figured I'd give it a go. This costume has been retired now, too much stuff to take with to conventions. I had a great time building it and cosplaying in it though!


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Created 11 years ago
Series The Legend of Zelda
Character Magic Armor Link


Forcebewitya yes I will be there but not in this costume

Mallory This is sooooo cool! Are you going to Ohayocon this year?!

Forcebewitya If you're referring to The-Real-Link cosplayer by his username then no. If you're saying that I am in fact the real link from the video games I'm flattered ^_^

Forcebewitya Yeah craft foam is a great way to make armor ^_^

Poki_Toshi Holy Crap! That's unbelievable! I've been wanting to do a Link cosplay forever, and I had no idea you could use craft foam for armor. Awesome.

Forcebewitya Thank you everyone.

BalthierFlare That is awesome!

Yukari Kaiba your armor is absolutely STUNNING. awesome work!

Forcebewitya Thank you ^_^

kuromeru_chan i saw ur costume at youmacon, and it was absolutely amazing!!!! ^_^

jobi_wan hey your magic armor looks great, im just starting on my own magic armor costume, but im really struggling to find any decent reference images. do you have any that you could send me i just need a front image a back image and a side image, if you have any thing that could help i would be very very thankful. :) cheers email- [email protected]

Dadderface I thought that was you at ACen. I was really impressed by the armor!