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The blouse and collar are made from 97% cotton/3% spandex poplin, and the skirt is wool Black Watch/Campbell Tartan plaid.

Most of the inspiration for this costume came from an amazing Japanese cosplayer, Usako. (Her website is here: I drew inspiration from her use of Black Watch for the skirt instead of plain green fabric with blue plaid painted on (I really liked the idea of using Black Watch, because it's more schoolgirly to me), the use of blue bias tape for the bow's stripes (which are glued down using ultra-strength Heat 'n Bond), and the scale of the blouse length and bow.

The star on the modesty panel is an iron-on embroidered appliqué, which I then hand-stitched the edges down for extra security. The buttons are covered in matching fabric and are non-functional, except for the wrist cuff buttons; the blouse closes with snaps instead. (And apologies for the button panel and buttons being off-center, hopefully it isn't too noticeable. @@;)

Bow was remade in 2012 to be softer and smaller, and can be seen in the newest photos!

Bought components are the shoes, opaque black tights, wig, black star embroidered appliqué, and new and improved as of 2013, purple resin gem earring studs (


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