Young Walter C. Dornez




Walter is absolutely one of my favorite characters and I have always wanted to cosplay the "young" variation of him. I purposely got my hair cut in a similar style just so I can have the messy sweep of hair he has without having to purchase a wig. It looked like he had on a skinny tie in the manga and a slim vest so I went out to procure such items. The rings I got from JoAnn's and the wires were the same one I used for the old Walter costume. Finally our pride and joy, the coffin, was made 2 days in advance out of old refrigerator boxes, spray paint, paper clips, gold leaf paint, and acrylic paint thanks to the wonderful help of my friends. My mom said I wasn't allowed to have a wooden coffin in the in the house so that's why I had to make it out of cardboard <.< Yes .... It will have to be disposed off T____T. I'm also really upset that my contacts couldn't come in time


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Series Hellsing
Character Young Walter C. Dornez
Variant The Dawn


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