Dir En Grey




[2010]: This concept is the most significant for our cosplay duo with Camui because these costumes were the fisrt ones we made and performed in together. Making was quite difficult because of the lack of time but we helped each other a lot. I do think that our performance was successful though our costumes needed some improvement.

[2015]: And in 2014 we decided to give these costumes a new life. Camui remade all the leather details of his costume and added a lot of trimmings to his robe, and I... just decided to make a completely new costume instead the old one! I watched Osaka Jo Hall Live carefully in order to make my costume more accurate and also bought other materials which looked closer to the original and were lighter. I made all the details anew and Camui helped me with some of them and styled my new wig. I performed in this costume twice more - in solo defile and with Camui and now we are looking forward to the photooshoot with our Dir en Grey cosplay bandmates.

Defile video [August 2010]: https://youtu.be/pVF1D859-Vk

Defile video [July 2015]: https://youtu.be/y8w5bF0JBIk

Defile video [March 2016]: https://youtu.be/a1donnBqEm0


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Series Dir En Grey
Character Die
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