Dr. Desty Nova

Battle Angel Alita: Last Order



I adjusted a suit pattern to look like Nova's clothes, which is a mix of a minimalistic suit and a coat. I used white wool canvas to sew the clothes.

Nova's characteristic glasses are the only part of the costume which haven't been sewed. The lenses are made from wood using a turning machine and various woodcutting tools.

The plates covering the cheekbones and nose are made from fiberglass and resin. The joints have been reinforced with steel wire. I placed transparent black acrylic glass into the glasses to hide my eyes. You can imagine I wasn't able to see much through these glasses.

I bleached my own hair for this costume instead of using a wig, because my hair has the same nature as Nova's and it would look more real than a styled wig.



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Series Battle Angel Alita: Last Order
Character Dr. Desty Nova
Variant Last Order


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