Nicolas D. Wolfwood




The main goal of the costume was to make the best Cross Punisher I could, and I came close to my original design. It is a hard-and-ply wood box (about 62" x 32" x 4") with steel studding used for the metal plates. The grip is a 6" PVC tube with a plywood grip, sandwiched in masonite. It took about 50 hours of work and weighs about 40 pounds. I had guidance and assistance from a friend who is a general contractor and had many more tools and more knowledge than I.

The rest of the costume is straightforward: a black suit, white shirt.

As of 2011 I had made sterling silver cross buttons on the suit. I also found more appropriate shoes.

As of 2012, I redesigned the wrap for the Punisher, making much more convincing "buckles" while also allowing all of the straps to come off more or less at the same time, quickly.


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Series Trigun
Character Nicolas D. Wolfwood


Kit Cloud I saw you carrying around that cross at NDK and thought you were absolutely bonkers, but I loved it anyway. :)