artisticpsyco as Hatsune Miku

Hatsune Miku

Vocaloids - Dark Woods Circus


Cosplayer: artisticpsyco
Oh wow D: This is by far the most expensive project I've ever taken on. A huge thanks goes to Valkrinos for helping me out with it TTuTT

I'm usually a stickler for details and accuracy, but this time I took a lot of artistic interpretation on to the costume.

I felt that no matter what shade an all pink dress is too bright for the atmosphere in DWC, so I opted for a soft grey as the main fabric and a dull rose pink for the under skirt. I also didn't like the look of a flat dress, it just feels like something's missing. So the dress actually consists of the bodice attached to a bustle-like over skirt and then two under skirts.

Some of the things I didn't have time for before debuting at AX includes the paintings on the dress, ruffles along the trim and the visor. I'd also like to make a mini-hoop skirt and securely attach the cage-skirt between the bodice and top skirt. I also want to re-make the top so that it's a functional corset and will be more durable and supportive. And OTL the wiiiiiiiiiiiig. That's a whole other story.

Initially I had bought a 60" white wig from wigdepot on ebay and was going to dye it for this monster. I mixed equal parts aqua and turquoise sharpies (5 per 16oz. of 70% rubbing alcohol) and in total made about 40oz of dye. I then (with a couple friends lol) sprayed it weft by weft into the wig and let it sit for about a day. And then disaster. As I was rinsing it with cold water, a LOT of the dye came out.. Im not sure what happened but I just about cried with only a week till AX left. I gave up rinsing, not wanting to wash out any more dye than was already gone. Once it dried I noticed most of the dye that had left was the green hues so even of the parts that dyed well, it was a blotchy blue and teal mixure. At this point I was really ready to burn the damned thing D: But I had already spent over $120 USD on it. In all honesty, I haven't even touched the wig since. Im going to hand-color the rest of the wig with more sharpies until I get the desired result, but it being such a massive task Im not ready to start on that quite yet OTL
Im selling it once I finish it, so please contact me if you're interested c':

Luckly, with only 3 days left till AX I contacted some people I knew who run a wig shop (Epic Cosplay) and I bought a wig from them ;u; However, with me being on such a short budget after blowing so much money on the first wig and with shipping that'd take a bit too long, they allowed me to come pick up the wig instead of paying a fee/risking it not getting here in time. Of course, I also live really close to them xD but still, Im so incredibly grateful to them~ ♥

Also, the hooves. Oh man. I know in the PV Miku has horse's legs and then wears black heels, but I personally liked the idea of having hooves instead >u>
I had my dad help me cut and shape a 2x4 into hooves and then I nailed the toes of a pair of boots I had sawed in half and painted everything black. I'd like to shape them a bit more and smooth out some of the layers, but Im overall satisfied with it :D neddless to say, they're very. . .Interesting to walk in ._.

I'll start uploading photos once I get back from work c: