Soul Evans

Soul Eater



Listed as 90% because the collar needs to be re-attached and the bias tape on the cuffs needs to be re-sewn.

Special thanks to my roommate who helped put some of the finishing details on during crunch time.

Wig- purchased from ebay

Headband- tan fabric, hemmed and closed with velcro

"Soul" patch- made by a friend out of blue and black felt

"Eat" pin- made by a friend by enlarging a screen shot in photoshop, cutting it out, and putting it in a clear pin case

Pants- patterned off of an old pair of jeans, made from a strechy maroon fabric, a friend helped me try and make the butt pockets symmetrical

Jacket- made of a strechy gold and black fabric. Patterned off of a baseball-style pullover nightshirt pattern and the rest drafted by me. It zips up the front and has working pockets on the sides. It is fully lined with the same materials as the outside. The designs are cut out of the gold fabric and machine stitched on. The black trim is bias tape.

Undershirt (not shown)- made of a strechy cream and gold fabric. Patterned off of the same baseball-style pullover pattern

Shoes- my old black and white Converses

Makeup- foundation to even up skin tone and some black eyeliner smeared around the eyes

Scythes- made by a friend and I. The base is wood, then with posterboard glued and epoxyed to it. The back of the scythe is stacked cardboard. The eye portion and topper are PVC. They were painted with spray and acryllic paint.


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Series Soul Eater
Character Soul Evans
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