Selphie Tilmitt

Final Fantasy VIII



Selphie is my all time favorite female from VIII. I've cosplayed Rinoa, which is fun with my boyfriend, but I had always wanted to do Selphie. I've cosplayed her Mission uniform, as well as her school uniform from Kingdom Hearts 2, but never her default yellow dress! Score and I decided about a week and a half before A-kon to go, and I literally made her in 2-3 days. And ya know what? She's now one of my favorite costumes!

I made the dress out of... get this... cotton fleece. XD It was NOT my friends choice of fabric, but they didn't have what I was looking for, and then I saw this stuff. Since it's cotton fleece, it's a bit more sturdy and tough than normal fleece, so I said what the heck. So yes, it's DEFINITELY comfortable. :3

The necklace and zipper-pull were made with sculpy, and my boyfriend helped me make them not look poopy. :3

The nunchuks were made a while back with my Mission Uniform, and my Papa actually helped me get the chain connected to the PVC. He's passed since, so I really cherish them.

So, to those who asked "where's default Selphie?!" Here she is! I plan to wear this costume for a long time. ^_^


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Series Final Fantasy VIII
Character Selphie Tilmitt


RedValtiel Oh my God, that's definitely the best Selphie I've ever seen. I really don't see anything to complain about and that's what makes a perfect cosplay. Excellent job :>

Hopie Thanks you guys~! :)

slimyfrogz Too cuuute!! You make the BEST Selphie ever x)!!

Bunnjamin adorable! mlar latrix

Lycorisa One of the best selphie ever! You look so muuch like her! and your costume is super accurate!

benihime definitely the best selphie i've seen!

AaronieroAseyah very kawaii you make a good selphie ^_^

anipi CHUU >.< so cuuute ^^

chilly_wind Totally amazing! And utterly adorable ^^


haru5319 Awww, you make the most adorable Selphie!!! I wish that I had seen you at A-kon…ah well, all of your cospalys are great Oh and thanks for your comment way back ^^