Oerba Yun Fang

Final Fantasy XIII



omnomnom Fang
I love Fang to death, she's one of my favorite characters and I love her costume design!


Originally made this costume for AX 2010 but have been improving it throughout the year!

For ALA 2011 I redid my sari trim with new fabric, ink and I drew out a new design that fit better. I also made new fox tails and new belts and buckles. My brother also redid the blades on my lance and figured out a way to make them rotate.

For Fanime 2011 I made a new butt pouch, new small buckles, changed how I did the tattoos, and made a new second belt that the fox tails go on.


My wig is from Amphigory, cut some major layers into the wig, added waves in the back, and sharpie-d the ends red.

Shoes are covered with pleather that was taken from a skirt my Great Aunt gave to me (I think she intended for me to wear it lol). Stones at the top were hand made by me out of polymer clay.

Large belt is made out of leather on which I carved in the details and then dyed. The smaller belt is a braid made with hemp cord. Buckles were bought and then covered with sculpey for the proper shape.

Lance is made by my brother and myself

I'm selling Fang's necklaces & earrings in my shop here: http://orzabalskitchen.storenvy.com/


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Series Final Fantasy XIII
Character Oerba Yun Fang


lordofcrowns Oh wow! Outstanding! I hope my Fang cosplay comes out half as good as yours! :D

Japanimemusic Best ever!

monkeyclimber absolutely stupendous! i love it. you look marvelous!

Sariku wow, this is an impressive cosplay! *__* You're so close to the original, that's just amazing! <3 I especially admire your sari, it has the perfect colour and structure. well done, well done... guess, Im your fan now. ^__~

SilentCAt Nice job

CemmyBerry Absolutely amazing. Probably the best Fang I've seen aside from the real one in the game. I bet you worked so hard. Great work!

Keirii It's about time this costume got showcased! I love how every detail is spot-on!

Anhelitta Definitely the best I have seen Fang done!

Rikku-chan SOOOOOO happy this costume was showcased!! Wonderful wonderful job on the costume! You fit Fang so perfectly it's crazy!!! *-*

Xero Gorgeous! Wonderful job on all the details. :)

Yuurisans Congrats on the showcase!~ Your details on this outfit are outstanding!~

Fukada Amazing. One of the best Fang I've ever seen. <3

alan from mars best fang i've seen, great detail :)

Kasumi_Yamegomo Wonderful fang i might add. i absolutely love your costume its so amazing you got all the details down to par. ^^

Fenix_tamer1 What type of wig did you use? It looks amazing, and so does the rest of your costume. Great job. :D

Irken Hawk Absolutely amazing!

carladawn Omg! This is fantastic and beautiful!! My friend cosplays Vanille and is trying to get me to be Serah. If I do, we should all get pics together!

cissnei HOOTTT!!!

beloved4ever Wow! You have a great Fang! I'd love to do a photoshoot with you some time! You're pictures are beautiful! *Like button*

Hopie You are GORGEOUS! Easily one of my favorite Fangs! :D