Rei Ayanami

Neon Genesis Evangelion



When I first saw Rei I knew she was definitely going to be a cosplay in my near future, I just wasnt sure yet which outfit I wanted to do.. i had seen so many school girls already and I knew the regular plugsuit would look gastly on me until finally one day I saw a pic of the Yamato PVC figurine XD i definitely made it more modest but it was such a cute design I couldn't resist XD

We had to work progressively [rikku-chan as Asuka] on these since we kept running into problems each con time lol so it started off as just the plugsuit, then we got our 'backpack's then finally we finished up details and got the metallic hip tubes.. i went through 2 wigs already and have another one coming in cuz i'm picky like that XD


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Series Neon Genesis Evangelion
Character Rei Ayanami


Trir Beautiful. Great job.

Noriko Cosplay Beautiful cosplays XD

LordPikachu88 great costumes!

chatfantome You did such a great job on this *.* I'm in awe!

Emmjay These are outstanding! Beautiful job.