Misa Amane (confinement)

Death Note



I made this to wear with my friend at SugoiCon 09. She had already made a confinement Misa costume, and we thought it would be fun to cosplay her at the same time and try to guide each other around. lol We didn't get to do that, but I still had so much fun in this costume! It's one of my favs now! ^-^ I made the straightjacket a couple days before the con, and finished the straps the day before it. I didn't have time to make the shackles, and I still haven't gotten around to it. Most people seemed surprised that I could stand to have my arms tied around me (which they really were) and be nearly blind. It really didn't bother me, though. This costume turned out to be surprisingly comfy. ^-^


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Series Death Note
Character Misa Amane (confinement)
Variant confinement


Aya_Amane May I ask how you created this cosplay?

Lycorisa Love the costume ^^ good job

Twinfools Awesome I love it!