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I wanted something no one else would have at the Walt Disney World Halloween Party. And noone else did!

I bought a grecian costume online and then altered it to look more like Meg's dress. Got sandals at Walmart for $7 and made a ponytail wrap out of some scrap material. I added a hair fall to my hair to make it extra big and long. Then I curled and fluffed my bangs.

This costume got lots of compliments. People kept telling "Meg" how glad they were to see her out and about again. I even had a Disney Management Cast Member tell me it was the best Meg costume he had ever seen.

A lot of people didn't recognize me, though. I don't think kids today have really seen Hercules. I bet if I had Herc walking around with me it would have been different.


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YuriHappiny LOOOVE IT. great job on the dress AND hair!