The Pirates of Dark Water

@Fire Lily
Pirates of Dark Water is one of my favorite cartoons ever, so when my friend said he was going to try and make a Ren cosplay, I literally jumped on the chance to make a Tula!

Fairly easy to make: pink cotton for the pants and top, green-dyed cotton for the scarf and shirt trim, red and golden cotton for the other details. Fishtank tubing for the necklace and one armband, a wooden bracelet, and craft foam for the other armband and earrings, all painted gold or covered in gold vinyl.

I already had the boots. The wig took forever to find, but I am thoroughly happy with it - thanks, Cosworx! I didn't want to go super dark with the body makeup, since I'm so pale anyway and I'd look really funny if I was too dark, so I used a washable body bronzer and applied two coats, and used darker face makeup. I think it turned out well and it looks a bit more natural for me.

I did make the compass as a birthday present for my Ren out of cardboard, paint, and a glass Christmas ornament. I think it looks great!!

Overall, this costume was so much fun to make and wear, and I was very surprised at how many people recognized me!
@Fire Lily
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Series The Pirates of Dark Water
Character Tula

Eventyr I love this cartoon ! You really made this costume well, it's really good-looking, congrats !

akira_chan Oh wow, I loved this show as a kid and you are awesome for cosplaying from this.

fly_aguilera divine perfection!

Cris Raziel Tula...!!! i loved loved this character & cartoon *0* congrats

Icetigris You are a winrar, like whoa.

Enny I love you SO much for doing this. <3