Gideon Wyeth

Advent Rising



Gideon Wyeth is the most awesome character ever created for the video game was just unfortunately released before it was ready, but now i feel that this costume was just also released a little too early and i am extremely disappointed with how it turned is a look-a-like costume, but i don't want to look like him i want to be him, so i am redoing the entire costume to be more accurate and of course, more awesome!

i have started with the gloves that i previously used for they work for now, and already shown that they look quite awesome, but i may change them as well, found the pants at ross, and am turning a shoulder hot/cold pad into the belt that wraps around his shoulder. i'm also using a belt i found at goodwill. more to come!


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Series Advent Rising
Character Gideon Wyeth


vampirelover Ok I have a question for you, What is with you saying mlar latrix all the time?? What is the world dose it mean? Oh btw your cosplays are good.

Elika_88 It looks very good!!!

Redgameboy :oooooooo