Rosette Christopher

Chrno Crusade



*Dress:The Rosette Militia outfit, with altered patterns for the dress from McCall's 2401, (because I ended up sucking with my self made pattern, it didn't floof right and the stupid darts weren't long enough for my ginormous chest XD). Fabrics found in the NYC fashion district. Used Bias tape for bottom of the dress for a natural looking seam. (If you ever have the chance, go browse for fabrics in the fashion district, you'll find amazing deals if you look hard enough ^.~)

*Collar and Headdress: Self tested poof sleeves, self made pattern for collar and headdress. Custom sized zipper from my fav place.

*Waist Clincher: Still working on it with my self made pattern, trying to get it to fit under my chest without folding, so I'm shortening it and doing a more corset-ish shape. Using a broadcloth type material for thickness and support, along with interface.

*Gloves: .....umm, still trying to find some decent brown gardening gloves to mess with XD

*Stockings and bloomers: Thank you all mighty Ricky's, you are a lifesaver for these kinds of things lol.

*Metal arm crosses, gun holster and other accessories: being made from Plaster of Paris, wire, gold and silver sheet plates (from Michael's), extra fabric from my mountain of it, and O rings.

*Shoes: Again, thank you Wet Seal for your shoes sales, $15 Indian style tan boots, with self made cuffs, but still making the shoes details, like the leather straps and such. Metal shoe tip is also proving difficult ....

Made to compliment *mik0 muffin ! 's Azamaria cosplay.


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Series Chrno Crusade
Character Rosette Christopher
Variant Militia Outfit


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