Undead Warlock

World of Warcraft

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This was a very interesting costume to make... The top is an original pattern that fashions in the front with snaps and a decorative tie. All the designs were sewn on and it was made to fit a hunched figure... So you're pretty much forced to slump when you wear it!
The skirt was easy enough--it's done up with a zipper and snap. I guess when looking at this picture the costume is nice, but it's the makeup that steals the show.
I used body paint and latex to get a peeling skin affect. I also used nose putty for some scars and raised bone affects (even though that's hard to see). The makeup took about 2-3 hours to do and the costume itself cost about $35. =D Yay bargain fabric!


@Madam Boss
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Merodi Not enough undead cosplayers! Always blond blood elves. :P I <3 u for this. XD

Windsong77 O_O Amazing