Grell Sutcliff


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Series Kuroshitsuji
Character Grell Sutcliff

Lyuna Awesome Grell O_O Look so real

Kawaii Pocky Oh dear lord, Grell. >.< Wonderful Grell though. One of the best Grell cosplayers I've seen. Awesome job on the chainsaw prop too.

MionBloodyMess Love this cosplay

Peppie-kun O.O I... I just... don't know what to say... ''perfect'' i guess

hillemon you are so very talented. omg =)

Karakuri That's too frakin' amazing!!! Hey, Russia, not eve far away from Finland XD

maskerpa really good cosplay, wow!

C13L Uwaaa!!! Another great cosplayer!!! *two thumbs up* Love ur death scythe or shud i say chainsaw x)

ArwenEvenstar *drool*

Abessinier I absolutely adore this cosplay of yours.

Maruyasha I LOVE IT!!!! I Just Have 2 Questions: 1: Are Those Teeth Original Or Sumthing Else? 2: Where Did U Got The Chainsaw? Was It home made or Just Bought? :0 13242525/10 i LOVE him he's awsum and ima cosplay as him.. i just need those details :0

viviX awesome grell :O great job x3

VampireSenri OMG! I started watching this anime just because I love your cosplay so much! Great job its so awsome!

BlindCalliope Your Grell, and the Madame Red you're with are spot on. I absolutely love your costumes.

slywrite This costume is amazing! *o* You look exactly like him! Great job! :)