Barasuishou / Barashishou

Rozen Maiden



Buta-chan suggested to me and my sister to go as Barasuisho and Kirakishou respectively. Her uncle is a tailor, so we got our costumes made by him. He's an amazingly good tailor, and he's fast too!

Buta-chan helped me a lot with the accessories such as the eyepatch and the clips! They're all made from scratch including the eyepatch. (Buta-chan's very resourceful)

We'll be making the crystal sword for our next convention.


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Last Updated 8 years ago
Created 11 years ago
Series Rozen Maiden
Character Barasuishou / Barashishou
Variant Anime


Geni This is sooooo amaziiiiinnnnnggggg!!!!!!!!! *O* I love it!!!!

kowaipanda TT^TT aww thanks Phoenix Kasai for the encouraging compliments~ <3

Phoenix_Kasai Big props to your tailor! But really, I think YOU make the costume look fantastic! Sooo many frills! Yay!