Pip Bernadotte




I used the third OVA as a basis because the details in Pip's outfit change a lot from panel to panel in the manga. The OVA isn't very consistent either, but not nearly as bad. The pants I just found a pattern for and didn't really change anything. I made the coat using a combination of an old pattern I had, a military coat I bought at Goodwill a few years back, and then a bit of modifying.

The patches are hand embroidered, which took me a loooong time to finish. I made the initial hat pin out of fun foam and then made a mold. The finished product is made out of bondo.

I think that's really about it for the main bulk of the costume. I also made the eyepatch, the pins, gloves, fake cigs, trim on the hat, and hair tie, but the rest was bought or I had lying around already.


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Series Hellsing
Character Pip Bernadotte


Marius_Sulla awesome, I love your pip costume