Yoko Ritona

Gurren Lagann



debuted on the Otaku Festival
cosband : Super Ego


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Created 9 years ago
Series Gurren Lagann
Character yoko ritona


KyasarinUriruzu Where on earth did you get those FABULOUS contact lenses? They're perfect and really make your Yoko cosplay complete!

ElZurditoDeHyru *O* Really you are a perfect Yoko!!! I would love to do a photo shoot with you but we live far away TT__TT

Lurrdoc You have a very wide array of nice photos in your Yoko cosplay. :D

NaitoNii You're a perfect Yoko! And you got a killer smile :D

PuuNyaa Fantastic!!!

Chibi_Mony You're the most beautiful Yoko! =) Perfect!

Zhenya Awesome - you make such a perfect Yoko!

Ytka Matilda I'm your fan for ever!

MiyorI Thanks for comments! =D

Axel_PL Whatever I prefer You as a YOKO over your puppet Sorry for this ;P

alizarine I second Beyond.Birthday's opinion. :D Definitely awesome!

Beyond.Birthday The best Yoko I've ever seen!

Emu Awesome Yoko! I love your wig!

Shigatsu-Neko <3 very good yoko

deshwitat helllllll yeah XD