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Series Avatar: The Last Airbender
Character Mai


xminikui I decided to cosplay Mai just the other day with my other friends being the rest of Ozai's Angels, and I must say, you are my muse for this costume. You look absolutely flawless!

MommaUrsa Your costume is beautiful, and your wig is perfect. You make the perfect Mai. Bravo. (:

moosedoom I need to ask you some questions about how you made this. I need this costume. :) Seriously though. We need to talk.

sukimba Oh my WOW! You make such an amazing Mai. Not only are you super pretty, but your skills as a costume maker are astounding. I love that you made her wrist gauntlets and knives. You really brought the character to life! :D

starseer This is PERFECT! The gauntlet looks really cool too.

sakura_no1 You look like Mai alot, so this means u done an EXCELENT cosplay :) xxxx welllllldoooneeeee x

Kadori.Toph Great Job! <3

MostDecentThing * Favorite *

Mahato Shey-Kun This is the best Mai ever. Bravo~

Madam_Jellyfish absolutely phenomenal!! is everything hand made?

shotzgoboom This is a simply beautiful costume! Immaculately made, and you pull it off well! And the pro-pictures don't hurt either. haha. Very nice! Hope to see you at a con some time!

Shichosama You have officially inspired my Mai *o*

silent_dreaming Awesome Mai!

jhone exelent !