Viera (Rabanastre Parade Visitor)

Final Fantasy XII



My friend sakura_b and I were part of a wonderful Viera group at last year's AnimagiC (as Fran and Mjrn), and it was clear that we'd make more Viera costumes in the future. We wanted to make a pair of matching Vieras, and the two dark-skinned ladies that appear briefly in the opening sequence of FF XII (at the parade celebrating Pincess Ashe & Lord Rasler's wedding) seemed perfect.

We cooperated on a few aspects of the costumes: I made both of our wigs, sakura_b made the ears, we bought the same shoes and used the same makeup so we would look more like sisters^^ The costume itself was rather easy to make (which was nice for a change!) but it involved a lot of hand-sewing on the trim and the apron thing. I actually did most of this on my trip to Comic-Con, the weekend before AnimagiC convention back in Germany...

I really love the detailing and the vivid colors on this costume!

The Viera are my favorite Ivalice people, and even though their outfits are ridiculously skimpy and it's easy to look like a Playboy bunny in them, I adore their designs and they're a nice challenge.

Look out for more bunnies from me & the girls in 2009! ^_^


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Character Viera (Rabanastre Parade Visitor)


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