Princess Sailor Moon

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon



I got my costume mostly done for Youmacon. I still have a bunch of things to fix though, as I ran out of time, and things fell apart. Things I plan on fixing:
~The gloves (beads fell off the second day)
~The skirt (too long)
~The petticoat (didn't have time to do it XD)
~The brooch (come on, it looks crappy ^^*)
~The crown (it got eaten by a tree and is currently taped together)
~The tiara (its paint and letter beads and sculpey...)
~The bows (need to be spray starched!)
~The odango shields (I mean come on, just look at 'em!)
~The wig (while it doesn't look bad from the front, with the exception of the bangs anyway, its horrible in the back, and needs to be redone completely)


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