Dark Elf

Lineage II



This was so rushed and is not really the way it should be. &gt;_<; The staff was borrowed and I am not happy with bodypaint. But all in all it looked betetr than I thought. ^^;


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Series Lineage II
Character Dark Elf


Angeal VERY well done thats a beautiful elf

Itchy Tasty Gal I LOVE this costume! Thanks for the compliments on my Morrigan - what brand of body paint did you use? I still think it looks great!

Ladyluna I love this one a lot!!! Awww you came to TNT but I'm not from Mexico DF, i'm from another state D: You have very good costumes *-*

Moonfish thats amazing *___*

Gryphus Amazing!

M i n a m i Awesome... Awesome...... did you fully body painted your skin with grey colour??? amazing........... O___O (pleasy reply.. i'm soo desperately courius)

Yair23 OMG .. It looks like CGI ..

mystery-zelda Holy s***.. I know you already must have heard this a thousand times, but your costumes are simply amazing..

66swing For a split second, when I first opened the photo, I thought you'd taken a screen from a game. VERY well done.