Harley Quinn ("Dark Knight" inspired)


Wow, where to start with this? Basically, there is a question posed on pretty much every board since "The Dark Knight" debuted on the big screen: "What would a 'Dark Knight'/Nolan-verse version of Harley Quinn look like?" This was my answer.

The goal here is to make a Harley that's mostly faithful to the comics, but grittier and "darker". (Like the Joker was.) The dress is based off a Lolita dress pattern I had drafted for another project. (Random cabaret costume that Joker finds and gives to Harley as a present/change of clothes.) I added a pair of stockings, dyed some gloves I had on-hand and falls for my pigtails to add to the "thrown-together" look.

I added scars to the "usual" Harley make-up. (The idea is that Joker cuts up her face. She cries while he tortures her and he tries to "cut away" the tear tracks. Aww.) The scars are made with liquid latex and toilet paper. The make-up is regular clown/theatrical make-up.

So far, the reception I've gotten for my version of Harley has been strongly positive. However, the make-up tends to scare younger children, as I found out helping with the origami table at Librari-Con!
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Character Harley Quinn ("Dark Knight" inspired)

Stina006 Harley should have been in Dark Knight...in this costume. with a sledgehammer XD