Chelsea Tone

Tales of Destiny

@Sheik Chan


Soo my best friend and I made a bet, that if I did a Tales of Destiny character with her then she would do a Zelda character with me. So she picked Chelsea (Who is adorable and bubbly)-for me and I chose Saria(Ocarina of Time)-for her. We try to choose characters who resemble us in some way!

You may have seen my best friend as Rutee too!**

Anyway &gt;<! I'm working on the costume now...for Fanime 09 (Next year) It should be done by then~I'm pretty excited to see this costume done. I see no one else has done this costume on here. O.O! So I'm all on my own~!


@Sheik Chan
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Series Tales of Destiny
Character Chelsea Tone


HimeZelda Chelsea is the cutest ToD character ever!

joker0413 This is an adorable cosplay!

Lady Arieta Hwa! Can't wait to see your Chelsea done! This makes me can't wait to do Woodrow/Garr! :D!!

LIL BURI cute :D!