Beauty and the Beast



Belle was my first official cosplay. I made her for a Disney party my high school grad group through together rather spur of the moment.

The dress was my first attempt at full scale pattern modification. Even though it was really challenging, I'm happy with the result though the sleeves need more modifying. I used Kona Cotton for the main dress and broadcloth for the corset. I made the dress in two separate pieces for ease and practicality. In all the materials cost around $20-$40 and the labor was around $120.

The dress was extremely warm because of the fabric and layers I used. At the time I first wore it the weather was still warm so it wasn't a very enjoyable experience from that aspect. I do not ever intend to wear this cosplay during the warm and summer months. It is a killer. I do look forward to seeing how it works for cold months and winter time.

I have a few more finishing touches to add to the dress before it's done, such as a hem. Rushed sewing is not fun, at all. I also want to make Belle's blue cape for an accessory. As for the hair, when I originally made this cosplay my hair was styled like Yuna from FFX-2. Because it was so short and piecey, I wasn't able to have the extreme poof to my hair that Belle does. I intend to rectify that mistake before my next photo shoot with Belle, though I do like the more realistic look I had originally. I'm a stickler for details so I want to get the hair as accurate as possible for my next photo shoot. I'm hoping to incorporate a book as well as lots of snow in that shoot. It'll be fun.


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Series Beauty and the Beast
Character Belle
Variant Green Library Dress


Blood_Sword I don't think I've ever seen anyone cosplay this version of Belle before! You look great as her!

Narnian Thank you all so much for your kind comments! ^_^

Laughing Lotus Absolutely gorgeous! An what an ideal setting for these photos. Each one is stunning. <3

Shahrazad The library dress was always one of my favorites and it's so under-appreciated. You did a lovely job with it and you look stunning as Belle. :)

Hooded Woman Beautiful!! Belle really fits you!

MsChrissycat Amazing!

KitoCosplay You really make a good Belle ^_^

LadyPink~89 wow this is really great! ^_^ it's nice to see this version of Belle cosplayed for once, it's waaay underappreciated! good job! :)

grinning_angel gorgeous!

MiyorI Belle suits you so well! nice job ;)

Sailor_Aly Your Belle is BEAUTIFUL!!! Ahh you look great

krys-chan Beautiful :3

Savi-Chan This is so pretty!~ You make an aamazing Belle.

Little Raven I love your belle version of the green dress ^_^

Liliana I LOVE your Belle cosplay! I don't see this dress of hers done very often, you did an excellent job of making it too! The fabric is perfect! Awesome Belle! ^_^

anime_wench Yay Disney princess cosplayers! We oughta start a club.. lol

TR Rose Awesome! You never see the green dress! :)

Faraday Aww, you look so cute -- and you really do look warm, lol. I love the amount of fluff your skirt has =)

RuhiNunchuck cuuute!!

candyintherain Very pretty! And I love the green dress!