Princess Zelda

The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess



Since my friend and I both wanted to be Princess Zelda from Twilight Princess, we thought it would be cool to do the original version as well as the green variant from Super Smash Brawl. So this one is my traditional version.

I ordered 'gems' from from where they're really cheap. (Suggested by AnimeGeer to bornahorse).

Since I'm awful when it comes to embroidery... I've decided to take a different route for the designs at the bottom of the gown... Silk Screening!!! I found this great tutorial at

Hopefully if all things go well... I'll post my silk screening progress!

For all who are interested, I got the design for the harp pattern at the bottom of the dress from feuer_de_amure who got the idea from akuriko! Here's her link:

Done with the shoulder armor! XD
There's a lovely reference picture by bornahorse for the armor - in case anyone's interested:

Attempting to finish up on the gloves - thanks to a great reference shot of the design by Melizenn:

Hopefully once my commission work is out of the way I can get back to this costume =)


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Series The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess
Character Princess Zelda
Variant Traditional and Cloaked


Earthychan Awsome! I "Like" it now. ^^ My picture is my Night elf costume, leaning on a motorcycle.

Earthychan You need to add me! Or I will add you. If you can, PM me your Facebook name. It work work for me. :(

Earthychan AWW! :( What commisions are you doing? And are you on Facebook??

Earthychan He girl! You need to start working more on your Zelda costume! Im almost done! XP

anime_wench Wow, these detail shots are awesome!!! I like this sooooo much! You rock!

Earthychan Thats awsome! Thanks so much!You have no idea how much you would be helping me. ^^

Earthychan That is such a great idea! I would love you forever if you showed a picture of that! And do you have a flat picture of the two bottom halfs of the armour? I have the top, but I cant find a good pic of the other parts.

Earthychan Have you decided on how you were going to attach the shoulder armour? Or were you going to just let it sit on your shoulders?