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This costume was supposed to debut Halloween 2009. I was going as Sakura (planned for years) and my husband was going as Akuma. We were pretty close to finishing but just didn't get it done in time.

I have all the materials. I bought the kicks, all the fabric, zippers and everything. I just about completed the skirt (I just have to make some height adjustments). I still have the gloves and fuku top to make.

My husband's akuma is pretty much done, too. He constructed it from medical scrubs. He painted the sign on his back and styled a Halloween wig that was already the perfect color. He also braided twine together for the ropes and painted styrofoam balls for the beads. I think we should redo the beads though because they look like painted styrofoam balls.

We also figured out how to make the sparring gloves. We created our own pattern and everything. I will probably post a tutorial for our method as I haven't really seen one online anywhere. I haven't check the forums, yet, though.


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