Queen Amidala

Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace



This gown is made in cooperation with a dear friend of mine. He has a passion for fashion design and has turned this talent into a career as tailor and fashion designer.

The overcoat is made of purple stretch moiré velvet with embossed motifs. The coat has a stand-up collar which is closed at the right side. It’s heavily stiffened and closes in front with a lacing. The front closure is covered by a triangular stomacher which is self-lined and also stiffed. One side of the stomacher is sewed to the coat while the other side closes with hooks and eyes. The sleeves have an elliptical shape and are lined with iridescent taffeta (magenta and green). The sleeves are sticked together with two fabric covered buttons at height of the upper arm. They are also slightly gathered at the height of the lower button. There’re additional buttons for decoration of the coat: two at each side of the neck and four on top of each shoulder. The hem of the coat is piped with lilac satin piping.

The bodice of the blouse is made of black jersey and has double sleeves. The outer sleeves are made of rose parachute silk. The extremely wide poet sleeves are open at the bottom. They are folded back up to the height of the upper arm. The inner sleeves are made of a dark blue stretchy fabric. They are tight, finger-length and corded.

The gathered skirt is made of dark blue viscose crepe. It’s lined with midnight blue taffeta.

Headdress and hairpiece:
The whole headdress and the hairpiece is mounted on a basic cap-like construction. The hairpiece consists of two braided buns which are attached at the basic construction to create the characteristic shape under the veil. Two braided pigtails are running gown the back under the veil. The gold tiara was a lucky find on ebay.
The veil and beaded hair bags are made of iridescent silk chiffon (magenta and lilac). The veil is rectangular. The hair bags are a sandwich construction. The core is white lattice tulle which is covered by a single layer of lavender chiffon. On top of the lavender chiffon is a layer of artificial hair which is covered by the iridescent silk chiffon as top layer. The hair bags are decorated with purple bias tape which is beaded with five rows of purple iridescent seed beads.


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Series Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace
Character Queen Amidala
Variant Purple travel gown


Mallory :O Amazing!

AcenSerenity11 Such a work of art! I'm soo impressed!!

BlitzFox Absolutely incredible!!

Anastasia Wonderful gown. Simply breathtaking!

Narnian Beautiful!!!!!

Queen Amydala everything about it is so beautiful!

zozo Ah, damn, it looks really fantastic...you must have worked pretty hard on this one. I love your progress-describtion, thank you for that one too!