Arielle as Briar Rose

Briar Rose

Sleeping Beauty

Briar Rose, Day Dress

Cosplayer: Arielle
Costume is by couture designer, Lisa Fabio
Wig by me
Photo Credit: Benjamin Hines Photography

This is a Sleeping Beauty costume created for me to wear when portraying this character for children's events with True Enchantment Entertainment, the couture event company I work with.

I was so excited when they told me they would be making a Briar Rose inspired dress, because that is my favorite dress from the Disney movie, Sleeping Beauty. I have to be honest, Sleeping Beauty was always one of my least favorite princesses to play, maybe because she isn't a bubbly personality like Ariel...she's much more graceful and refined...I have to 'act' a little harder at events when I portray her because I naturally just bounce around like a mermaid who just got her human feet haha, and also maybe because I'm sick of being a blonde...I'm a natural blonde you see, haha, but after wearing this GORGEOUS costume, with the circle skirt just MADE for dancing, the amazing brocade, hand crystaled and beaded custom corset and my gorgeous wig (which had new life breathed into it by way of this amazing new wig conditioner I discovered, haha) I really do become the character when I put this on.

Hope you enjoy the pictures!