Tsunayoshi (Tsuna) Sawada and Reborn




Me and my brothers first cosplays :P The clothes are bought from walmart and I bought the gloves. But The gun, lizard, pacifier, and wig were all made by us xD lol


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Series Reborn!
Character Tsunayoshi (Tsuna) Sawada and Reborn


tipsd9video Thanks a lot! :D

MissLunatic I know it's not a new cosplay by now, but nonetheless I feel I have to comment about it: I just like very much that you don't show only a single side of Tsuna, but his funny no-good side and his serious one as well. Not many cosplayers of him seem to be able to present both. Besides your gloves look great as well, good choice wherever youg bought them. The wig's also well-styled.

p1ng666 such a good first cosplay!