Child Howl

Howl's Moving Castle



This costume was ridiculously simple, but it's another on a list of Howl costumes to make. (And in the world of cosplay, I'm a very excellent shotaboy.) I love Howl, and poor Child Howl is so adorably heartbreakingly sad that I love cosplaying him. The original version I made used only paused screens from a completely spastic Japanese theater cam recording of the movie, and had as many inaccuracies as you would expect considering my reference. Once I managed to obtain the DVD, I remade much of the outfit in order to reflect what I was able to find out. Of course, this wasn't made easier by how inconsistently this outfit is drawn; almost nothing stays exactly the same from shot to shot. I find it amusing that by far my simplest outfit has more good photos than any of my more complex outfits, but I just love that little Howlykid too much.


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Series Howl's Moving Castle
Character Child Howl


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