Princess Sailormoon

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon



The entire work is composed of both frustration and love. XD
Due to the skill in the utilization of hair extensions that I gained with my Bakura costumes, I became confident enough to create a Sailor Moon wig (the entire costume was constructed mainly because I desired a Sailor Moon wig that matched my approximate hair color. The final catalyst was becoming re-acquainted with her Princess garb: though it has been considered by several fans to be an abomination, the Gothic Lolita inspiration for the fuku was irresistable for me.
As wearing Eternal Sailor Neptune was also a wonderful experience, I was eager to recreate a sailor fuku (the dress base is extremely comfortable! If the tiara and wig did not press uncomfortably upon my head and if the stiletto boots I edited did not deliver my feet agonizing pain, I would adore it for the comfort that it provides. XD)


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Series Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon
Character Princess Sailormoon


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