Emerald Lolita




Emerald Lolita, an original design inspired by lolita fashion. In a fit of insanity, I bought a floofy petticoat at a secondhand store (after always saying that I was too old to wear poofy costumes), so I had to make a costume to wear with it. I had a green corset that I wanted to wear something with, and I love stripy fabric, and I dearly wanted funky dread-falls, so I came up with this. It's not 'traditional' gothic lolita, it's my own interpretation.

I made the dress from scratch, and matching the stripes took awhile. The sleeves and skirt are lined in green satin, and I found the perfect green trim for the sleeves. I had way too much trim, so I looped it in my hair and around my neck.

The falls were ordered custom from Halocaustic Hair. I considered making them myself, but the materials used in them are pretty expensive and it wouldn't be worth it to buy them just for one project.


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