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Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6_mIQaTG4BE

Me and my husband made the hooves together. They are 4" heel boots with the heels ripped off and PVC pipe stilts attached to the bottom of the toe. A metal piece stabilizes the shoe above the pipe and cardboard forms the shape of the hoof itself. They made me 14 inches taller.

I could walk in them just fine, but they were not for walking or standing in for long periods. They took some leg muscle to maintain balance and the pressure hurt the balls of my feet after a while. I was also sensitive to uneven paving and deep carpet. Ramps are a no-go. I had a secondary 7" pair for walking distances.

I also made the horns, ear, tenticles, tail, armor, fangs.

I have started a collection of hoof construction photos and info here: http://www.cosplay.com/gallery/162790/
My construction technique is ideal for dramatically increased height, exposed calf and thigh silhouette, and slender, disproportionately long legs. They are also fairly upright, with the stilts coming close to being perpendicular to the ground. If this doesn't fit your costume, I would recommend looking at some other options:

Good for bulky digitigrade legs that are proportional in length to the rest of the body. Most comfortable option. Could be used with a heeled shoe or flat stilt (ideal for Tauren) to be taller.

Good for slightly bulky, more angular digitigrade legs. Intermediate height increase. Requires braces on the legs. Probably better than mine for people unaccustomed to walking in heels.

The horns are sculpted out of foam. It was a very long process, so I would recommend paper clay instead. I attached my horns to my wig with flat-ended sewing pins, so that the flat ends were against my head.

The tail is made out of a foam pipe cover from the hardware store. They look kinda like pool noodles. I found mine in the pvc isle. I cut long, rectangular pieces out of it to make it taper to a point, then glued and taped it back together and covered it with fabric. I'll try to remember to post a photo. The tail is attached to the belt I'm wearing.

When you spray paint spandex, then pull on it, it naturally rolls. I noticed a scrap do this and used it for the tentacles. I just rolled the fabric, lightly glued the overlapping edge, then sewed them to the costume. My costume has a hood of purple "skin" that goes up over my head and functions as a wig cap. That's what I sewed them too. But you could also probably sew them to the wig.

I bought the bodysuit on eBay. It was gray. I lightly spray-painted it. I really like the painted look for bodysuits because it no longer has the characteristic texture and shine of spandex. The downside to painting, is that it becomes less breathable and it is difficult to paint the seams. I find that stretching the seams over my hands works okay for getting the paint in there. There are ways to dye bodysuits as well.

Anyway, I bought a suit with an attached head, cut out the face, and used the head as a connected wig cap. It isn't as simple as it sounds. It required alterations around the neck and waist the make it fit right. I also had to precisely match the face paint to the suit.

The face paint I used was Ben Nye cream. It is great because it is opaque and comes in bright colors. However, it is also shiny and looks bad in flash photography unless you apply a translucent powder over it. Translucent powder application is something that I personally always fail at. If you use a regular foundation under the Ben Nye, it will stay on all day.

All jewelry is made out of super sculpey.

I think this guy is using the same technique for the low hooves. You can see how easy they are to move in: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9f5Y-OqyL4g


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&gt;Chester&lt; I've seen many draenei costumes, but yours is just perfect. Not only because of the hooves proportions (on which you did a great job) but also how you used them making your position proper to fauns build. Just perfect <3

Eli&amp;Angi Hi, this cosplay is really beautiful! I would like to get dressed draenei and I was wondering if you can kindly help me ... I would like to know how to create the legs and materials you used. Sorry for my english and thank you very much for your attention :)

Okali Those hooves are amazing work! Great job being able to walk around a convention in them. The horns are very nicely done, I don't see that style done often.

MotherSilver Wow... I'm going as a night elf hunter so I don't have to make horns or anything like that but this had a lot of work into it D: This looks great The hoofs seem to me like they'd be the hardest part to deal with since essentially you're walking on the balls of your feet.

WebMistress The best hooves I've ever seen online. AMAZING!

AnnChristin Wow, this is just amazing, and good tips for those of us who want to make a Draenei costume ourself =D

birdyface Ahhh! So lovely! <3

Chaos_Kitten Is it possible i could get suggestions of what kind of body suits you use?

Chipie Came across your cosplay...just perfect, i am so impressed! I cannot believe how painful it must have been at the end of the day!

omglaserspewpew Your hooves guide are the most in-depth of all the hooves guide on the whole of the internet. Valuable resource for me as I attempt to do an Illidan. But I have a problem - it seems all high heels have a metal bolt in the middle to support the frame. How did you saw yours off? Metal cutting is not easy.

Lares666 Wow great! How you made horns?

AuraRinoa no words... just perfect!

cyankirby Very cool costume! I believe I remember you from Blizzcon this year! Good times indeed. :D

Amkita Awesome! Your costume is amazing! The hooves are amazing! May I ask where you got your body suit (did you make it?)

TrollWarrior this is one of the best cosplays I have ever seen. Was it hard to walk in the hooves?

V-lad that's one real draenei. everything from hooves, tail, color-matching of makeup and "body" to horns look creative and amazing.

Darazan OMG HOOVES!!! Great job! How comfortable are those?

NakooTheTauren Awesome job! And love your design for hooves!

Baudette Your hooves are fantastic, I've been waiting for someone to make stilt hooves for an accurate draenei.

Rainyia Those hooves.. well the costume in its entirety was amazing! But those hooves are just phenomenal! I would love to see a more step by step thing on how to make them.. or maybe a commission? haha ^_^ those rock!