Gloha_h as Mermaid



Cosplayer: Gloha_h
Character: Ever since "The Little Mermaid" I've been desiring to do a costume like this. I had a friend email me and ask if I wanted to do an underwater photo shoot. Since I had the time to make this costume, I couldn't resist.

Costume: The top is a bra with shells glued on them. The shells were spray painted, had glitter sprinkled on them, then dremmel drilled down for fit. (If you can do resin casting, DO IT! Real shells are incredibly heavy, resin would be a lot lighter) I beaded crystals and gems for the straps. Gems were hotglued in areas to add extra luster. The tail was made of stretch jersey fabric that had a silvery print on it to resemble a fish-like look. I modified Simplicity pattern #4043 to make the tail. I hotglued the chiffon like fabric on a wire frame, then sewed it into the tail. A zipper was installed in the back of the tail from the ankles to the back of the knees so that I can zip/unzip when needed. I hand stitched on gems to the flipper part of the tail for depth (thinking of adding some paint/dye for definition). I also added on a waist chain, just for originality.

Final thoughts: Gorgeous costume! It's not anime related, but it was very well received at the con, and the underwater shots came out amazingly!