Mizore Shirayuki

Rosario + Vampire



FEB 2010: I can't get that freakin belt to stay on my leg. lol I'm trying to figure out how to keep it up. That will be attacked before MTAC in late march. ^_______^

Purchased the socks from www.sockdreams.com
--> Thigh High Super Stripes in Plum&Lilac

June 2009 Purchased Fabric for Skirt. Its amazingly perfect. I was very lucky to find it. I'll be making the skirt very soon.

October 2009 Skirt done (I'll post pics once i have them), Purchased fabric for her top. Will be making it ASAP lol I also ordered my wig, it should arrive soon!!

I'm also planning an epic masquerade entry for this costume. I hope I can pull it together!


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Series Rosario + Vampire
Character Mizore Shirayuki
Variant (long hair)


OtakuQueen would you be willing to sell any part of this cosplay?

Nodoka Epic Mizore! I love it! Where did you get this wig???

Ficu5 If you're having trouble with the belt on Mizore, I've found that liberal amounts of sock glue works. It's a light glue that you can find online that has just enough strength to hold fabric to skin, but it doesnt hurt when you want to take it off.

bossbot HHEEEY! I KNOW YOU! LOL Can't wait to see this done. We definitely need to take pics now. I just need to grab my wig from home! D: