Final Fantasy X



My friend Jesse said I better do this character or else... I really can not thank her enough. I really fit the character well, and I very much enjoyed wearing it.

Costume is 100% made by me, all sorts of different methods were used. If you would like to know the particulars, feel free to PM me!


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Created 10 years ago
Series Final Fantasy X
Character Auron


Ninbri Great Auron!

VeenyxFoxx Would you by chance be retiring this costume? My team and I are putting together an Auron get up as well but getting ahold of the materials to make the shoulder guard proves to be to put it... a pain in the arsenal? If by chance this cosplay is retired, we ask if we may purchase the shoulder guard and possibly other parts as well from you. Thank you for your time! ~VeenyxFoxx

alpha_helix I know I've expressed how much I like this before, but it bears repeating. Perfect Auron is perfect!

bunchabugs Thank you for being the most manly auron I have ever seen, fabulous.

Narnian Awesome cosplay!

myzkyti Oh, wow, you fit Auron perfectly.. no wonder you got so many great photos taken of you! Beautiful job on the costume, glad you took your friend's advice! This is fab :} FFX is still my favorite.

Paul_Julian Awesome costume! You really look great as Auron! very detailed:)

FullMetal191 I love your Auron! You did an AMAZING job on it!

amyrk2 Awesome...

Ryuux Beautiful Auron Cosplay !!! =D

onewingedjade I've seen tons of Aurons, and this one still stands out in my mind as the best. There's truly no better one out there.

Pendora Really good cosplay!! My favourite character from FF X!! =D Really good job

PsychoLove Bravo!!!

Nekotwang You make a terrific Auron! :D

KyasarinUriruzu you've probably heard this before, but you are the perfect auron... flawless!!

kittykyo_chan @[email protected] I have a weak spot for Auron, gah, he's so hot and manly *drools* You made a great Auron!

Ninnu-chan Dunno If I had said before but: Best Auron EVER!

Blue Sasarai amazing craftmanship, you have a good eye for detail. love it

Snow-Storm Auron's cloth is realy-realy hard to make and you made it all by yourself that is realy impressive. (the color and the fabric realy work Perfect, you choose the right fabric and material) well you make the best Auron , Great job

FallenOtaku By far the best Auron costume I've seen to date. We're working on one right now, and am glad to see that most of the small details we were finding are already in yours :)