Final Fantasy VI



Thank you Elemental for the photoshoot, and the epic FF6 for just being plain friggin' awesome.
Gau. I made it because my brother decided not to. We had fabric and a wig- so why not?
Wig: A semi-styled Elvira wig off of eBay. Tainted with extra super hold mouse I shoved into it to make the sides not as spikey as the top. I like it spikey. :3 (now tamed a bit more :D)
Shawl: Two types of fabric, cut, filed, smacked against rocks to fray, then tied together and safety pinned due to my lazy-ness. Painted with straight acryllics for both flowers and fake stains.
Pants: My brothers cargo shorts I took, removed the side pockets, dyed green, watered down bleach and dabbed on for white blotches (make sure you wash the immediately or it will eat through the fabric). Flowers painted with acryllics.
Earrings: Made from beads and jewelry stuff.
Foot things: Fabric cut, and tied.
Jewelry: Stuff I normally wear.
Belt: My dad gave it to me, so I took it, tied in some hankerchiefs, a random stem of a fake flower, a cool onion-looking pouch that I watercolored the bottom of, and then the old crappy shawl I made I tied on. XDDD

If you have any questions, I'll be happy to answer them. Shoot me a PM. ^^


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Series Final Fantasy VI
Character Gau
Variant Amano


lb101 Completely agree with the above comment. FFVI is my favorite final fantasy, and Gau is just so quirky. :)

Cendri You're so darling! AWESOME JOB.