Sew it all by my self so I'm quite proud of it even if it's wasen't that hard to make. I wore it for the first time at domokon:02 (2007) but I kinda failed because I didn't have a wig or even pink hair. So after that failure I just quit cosplaying.

But now in spring of 2009 I'm starting to cosplay again and this time I'm planing to do a Shuichi Shindo-cosplay from Gravitation. And now I have bought a pink wig so I wont fail. But when I got the wig I realised that it should make a wonderful sakura-wig! So I took my old Sakura-cotume and had a photoshoot. Heres the result ^__^


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Last Updated 10 years ago
Created 10 years ago
Series Naruto
Character Sakura
Variant summerdress


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