Hinata Hyuuga




【"Even without vision or smell, you'll never take away my Byakugan!"】

My fourth Hinata Hyuuga cosplay - her Shippuuden (or Time Jump) outfit.

Hinata looks so cute after the time jump, with her long hair and she is so grown up. I had to cosplay her that way.
But I failed with the jacket, this is so bad, because I really like my jacket of her first season version. And the Shippuuden jacket turns out so crappy. u_u'

Although it was fun wearing this costume during the Bookfair Leipzig 2008 with my exboyfriend as Deidara again. ^^

I sold this cosplay in spring 2010 - so no Hinate for me again. As I said before, my Naruto time is over.


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Series Naruto
Character Hinata Hyuuga
Variant Shippuuden


Ryuuchiha Omg Hinatas is on the same levle as itatchi in awsomeness