Ryu Alternate Costume

Street Fighter



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Series Street Fighter
Character Ryu Alternate Costume
Variant Alternate costume


Zhai13 awesome man, this is why we hate game developers right?! being ripped is bout all we can do to match ryu

aznwolverine Ha you wouldnt mind me doing the alternate costume as well? I actually used to draw him like that with torn clothes and sometimes with a beard (like Akiman the Capcom artist does.) I think you are the first one to do it. props!

aznwolverine NICE man. I respect you working out for this. We all know Ryu doesnt have tooth pick arms. Capcom draws Ryu's physique ridiculous sometimes

Bia Chun-li :O I LOVE your Ryu!!!!! Perfect!!!! =D Congratulations!!!^^

SorairoDays Awesome Ryu cosplay! Maybe I'll run into you next Otakon, and we can take some ridiculous photos xD

ibi-san Had a blast with you at SDCC. Can't wait til next year!

dreamerl85 It was nice running into you at comic con, Awesome Ryu! My viper is currently being remastered :P and I have a Chun Li that's almost finished.. all the best! -Lana M.

Fong Well hi there =) it's Chun Li.

Kamakazigirl hey! It's Maki from Otakon! Yay! I found you!!

MissMallyMAK YES I FOUND YOU!! Do you remember me from Anext? I was the girl who took your picture (although im sure there were dozens who did) but we ran into each other again on Sunday and we kinda chatted a bit. I'm that Chun-Li cosplayer!!! You were so nice! So happy i found you!

Phoenix_Kasai I love your Ryu! You've got his look down! I would so love to get some pics with you in my Viper cos. :D