Seres Victoria




This was my first real costume. The wig, gloves and socks were bought, and my combat boots were used for her boots. Since I hadn't been able to obtain authentic badges, I sewed the badges by hand (they need to be redone).

The badge, shoulder strips and the front of the collar are all attached with velcro to make them easy to remove (and so I could wear the jacket else wear).

The Harconnen was created by my brother, and is made of PVC, Styrofoam, wood and fiberglass. The strap was made of two guitar straps riveted together, and the trigger is fully functional. The tripod was also movable, but a problem in the design made it immovable after the first year. Various other adaptations were done to componsate for structural weaknesses, including capping the gun tip with wood to prevent chipping. Unfortunately, the gun broke during the first day of Otakon 2006, and a new Harconnen was created and debuted at Otakon 2007; this one using wood, pvc and wonderflex. Though the trigger does not work, it can break into two pieces for easy transport ion, and the tripod works.


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Series Hellsing
Character Seres Victoria
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