Samurai Champloo



Samurai Champloo is an awesome show and kimono are awesome too, hence this costume. I'm not that big a fan of Fuu compared to the other characters, but I can pull off her hairstyle easily. With simple costumes like this, you really want to focus on getting the details right, so I spent a lot of time finding the right colors to use. The obi is actually two pieces - a belt with velcro and a presewn bow part that attaches in back.
The flower design is based on one of the commercial break bumpers - I like it because it feels more like a traditional kimono pattern, plus it's different from all the other Fuus out there. It took forever to paint though, with multiple applications of paint and masking and waiting and remasking and repainting....


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Series Samurai Champloo
Character Fuu


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