Dead or Alive 4



While I was working on a more elaborate Ayane costume to wear at AnimagiC 2007, I realized I might not be able to finish it in time for the con. So I started looking for an alternate costume that would be brainlessly easy to make - and there it was! I also wanted a comfy costume I could change into at the end of a long con day.

It was eventually debuted at Connichi 2007 (Friday night.) It was fun to wear, but I definitely need to work on my fighting poses *lol*

I wore it with Yaya's drop-dead gorgeous Christie at Dragon*Con 2008 and probably ruined every single photo ^^; I really wish I'd had a less crappy DOA costume at the time that I could have brought to the con.

I made an all-new jacket in 2009 and wore it to a bowling night (lol) in December. I'm finally happy with it ^.^

Cost: ~EUR 70 / ~US$ 100


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Series Dead or Alive 4
Character Ayane
Variant C5


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