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Why don't I have any good pictures of this costume? ::sigh::

Kamikirimusi is my new favortie Soul Calibur Character and I am very excited to make her costume and especially her prop! Her costume is DECEPTIVELY DIFFICULT! I thought, hey, it's just a short kimono with some decorations, nothing major. WRONG! I completely underestimated the time and skill required to complete the costume. that being said, I'm extremely proud that I was able to accurately recreate her costume.

COSTUME: Her costume is cute and awesome without being too revealing. The short kimono is made from the simplicity costume kimono pattern, just shortened. The kimono is folded in the traditional fashion, but I stitched it shut to get in and out of it easily. It is made out of black rodeo poplin, some other red poplin (it was in the same aisle as the black, might be trigger poplin). The red fabric was Heat’n’Bonded to the black and then all the edges were machine stitched down to avoid peeling. Then the yellow was painstakingly embroidered all on the outside of the flames using layers of regular zigzag machine stitch. This detail is visible in the HD game and most other Kami cosplayers just paint it on. The obi is all made out of crepe-back satin, with the dull or “wrong” side on the outside. The petals are also Heat’n’Bonded to the ends of the bow. The scarf is bright red rodeo poplin. The leggings and other bandages were made using a mummy costume tutorial video and a pair of white pants and an old white sheet from Goodwill (tutorial from THREADBANGER). Some parts of the costume such as the scarf and kimono needed to be worn and tattered (Kami is 600 years old!) so I aged pieces using a sander, bread knife, and anything else I could hit it with.

ACCESSORIES: the biggest accessory is the prayer bead necklace. It was made out of playground pit balls spray painted silver, a hole was cut, and stringed together with home dec chord. The anklets are wooden beads, thin elastic, and a fancy tassel (and a marine rope) respectively. The horns are resin and cast from the same mold as the spikes on the prop.

WIG: this is my first time adding wefts to a wig. The wig was pretty much styled on arrival, but I needed to add the two distinct braids on the side. I ordered wefted extensions and sewed them into the wig to made the two long braids.

PROP: This is my pride and joy, the prop always makes the costume. It is made out of wood door veneer, a 6 foot long wooden dowel, scrap wood hexagons, a wood bracelet from Forever 21, plaster, resin, paperclay, batting, the same bandages as the costume, epoxy, and about 10 different spray paints.


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momoiru1994 omg that's a very rare cosplay but it's sooo nice x33

akaisha0 Wow! You have a knack for what you do and I'm so glad you're one of few cosplayers who spills all their juicy details! You pulled off the costume impecably as a seamstress, wig crafters, prop/accessory maker, and just as a cosplayer. Amazing work, I can't wait to look through more of your gallery!

13Kai-Kai Lovely KamiKiriMusi! Soul Calibur FTW!

Nightwitch-Kat I love your Kamikirimusi

Tei Ohh, nice costume and your prop looks cool! So if it was made from wood, was it heavy to carry around?

Midelle What an amazing job!!!!! Great! ^___^ I'm a tailor so i can understand well the work behind a cosplay...you're SUPER!!!

Phoenix_Kasai Wow! Great stuff here! You did an amazing job and yes, I think an Oni would be proud to weild that weapon!